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King Michael: update on condition

October 2011  photo by Marlene A. Eilers Koenig

In the days since the Nov. 6 communiqué, King Michael's general state did not get worse, the vital signs of His Majesty being on a constant platform. Doctors have been given a medication to ease sleep and breathing.

However, His Majesty continues to be in a worrying state of health. The steep decline in physical capacity and communication capacity, as well as the impossibility to move without help, remained at the same level.

King Michael is cared for at his home with exceptional competence and with great care by a large medical team. Doctors evaluate the status of His Majesty on a daily basis.

The doctors have reported that, in the current state of His Majesty, the Princess Margarita may return to Romania for the time being to resume her public activities.

Doctors consider it too risky to move King Michael from the private home to the hospital. They are unanimous in recommending that the treatment administered to His Majesty should now focus on preventing suffering and preserving the physical and psychological comfort of the Sovereign.

His Most Holy Metropolitan Joseph of Western Europe was at the residence of Switzerland on several occasions and gave our King our share. His representatives also frequently travels to the royal residence.

Apart from the Crown Princess  and Prince Radu ,  presence at the private residence in Switzerland will continue to be limited only to the daughters of His Majesty and Metropolitan Joseph (or his envoy).

The staff of His Majesty's House will continue, with dedication and enlightenment, the mission to King Michael I.

Elisabeth Palace, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Congrats to Prince Philip & Princess Danica of Serbia

@HRH Crown Prince Alexander

The news is out!   Congratulations to TRH Prince Philip and Princess Danica of Serbia, who are expecting their first child early next year.

This will be the first grandchild for Crown Prince Alexander and his first wife, the Duchess of Segorbe.

Thrilled to bits for everyone!!

Has Orly Lascelles found his Viscountess?

It seems that 'Orly' Lascelles, the second son and third child of the 8th Earl of Harewood and his first wife, Margaret Messenger, has married.  His wife is Annika Reed, whose birth was registered in September 1984 in Exeter). She is the daughter of William J. Reed and Rosalind S. Driver.

The couple was married on August 18, 2017 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Gardens.

Orly's full name is Alexander Edgar Lascelles and he bears the courtesy title, Viscount Lascelles.  He is the heir apparent to his father's earldom and to the Harewood House estate.

He was born May 13, 1980, in Bath.  His older brother, the Hon. Benjamin Lascelles was born before their parents married in 1979 and cannot succeed to the Harewood earldom or the British throne.

Lord Harewood is the eldest of three sons of the late George, 7th Earl of Harewood, who died in 2011, and his first wife, Marion Stein.   Lord Harewood has a younger half-brother by his father's second wife, PatriciaTuckwell.

The late Earl of Harewood was the elder son of the 6th Earl of Harewood and HRH Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary.  The late Earl was a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, who is one of the present Earl's godparents.

Lord Lascelles, who has worked as a chef, has a 9-year-old son, Leo Cyrus Anthony Lascelles, by his former girlfriend, Laleh Yeganegy. Leo will not be able to succeed to the earldom or to the British throne.

Lady Lascelles is an artist. She teaches at Dulwich College in London.

A new statement from Nicholas Medforth-Mills

Nicholas Medforth-Mills released a statement this morning in response to the comments made by Andrew Popper.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Princess Elizabeth's gifts are on display

Embed from Getty Images
November 17, 1947

Princess Elizabeth was present at a reception earlier today at Buckingham Palace where her wedding gifts were put on display, reports the Associated Press.   The gifts, according to court circles "was unsurpassed in the history of modern royal romances in Britain."

More presents for Princess Elizabeth and Lt. Philip Mountbatten - "from rare jewels to linen handkerchiefs" sent from "people of high and humble station."  The heiress presumptive to the throne has received enough gifts to "stock a small department store."

Tonight, the bride's parents hosted "as much of a feast at their realm's tight rationing laws permit" to entertain foreign royalty who have come to attend the wedding.

This was a select dinner-dance for 150 guests.

Earlier in the day, the Princess, accompanied by her parents and her younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose, welcomed guests after she spent a few hours with reporters looking at the gifts.

A second tea party will be held tomorrow for "persons from all walks of life,"including Mrs. Ella Wehage of Somerville, Massachusetts, who sent the bride a garter for good luck.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Transcript: Andrew Popper's TV interview discussing King Michael's condition & Issue of Nicholas Medforth-Mills

Embed from Getty Images

Transcription of Romania 9 with Andrew Popper TVR1 15 November 2017


Issue: Romania 9

Host: Ionuţ Cristache

Invited: Andrew Popper, Head of His Majesty's King Michael
[Note:  I used Google translate for this article that appeared on Casa Regale.  It is not perfect.  I tried to fix a few of the statements, but for most part, this is the straight translation from Google.]

Host: For some time, the monarchs in Romania and those who respect the recent and real history of this country are lying in the mouth, waiting for news from Switzerland about King Michael's state of health. Unfortunately, these news are not among the best. Especially for two weeks now, it seems that the Majesty does not feel very well, and at the age of 96 she approaches the end of a tumultuous life, full of suffering and sacrifices. King Michael is the last head of state since the end of the Second World War still alive. Historians say his decision in August '44 shortened the war, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Detractors bring lying to him in lieu, spread for 50 years by the Securitate. The fact is that only King Michael is a symbol for everyone. For some, it is the symbol of hope reappeared in the '90s, which will go out at the same time as its Majesty. The disappearance of King Michael will mean the end of the ruling dynasty of the kings of Romania. After that, we will only regret the chance we did not have and a royal house protected by Republican laws. In order to discuss more about what is happening and what is going to happen to the Royal House, we invited him tonight and we have his Excellency with him, Mr. Andrew Popper, the head of His Majesty's House. Good evening, thank you for attendance! we will only regret the chance we did not have and a royal house protected by republican laws. In order to discuss more about what is happening and what is going to happen to the Royal House, we invited him tonight and we have his Excellency with him, Mr. Andrew Popper, the head of His Majesty's House. Good evening, thank you for attendance! we will only regret the chance we did not have and a royal house protected by republican laws. In order to discuss more about what is happening and what is going to happen to the Royal House, we invited him tonight and we have his Excellency with him, Mr. Andrew Popper, the head of His Majesty's House. Good evening, thank you for attendance!

Andrew Popper: And I thank you for the invitation.

Host: Pleasure is on my side and I am convinced that also on the part of those who are watching tonight and who are waiting for information that sometimes seems to be delaying from Switzerland. What is His Majesty's state of health?

Andrew Popper: The state of his Majesty is, as I said, very precarious. Doctors, at this time, are concentrating their efforts to keep His Majesty without pain and in a comfortable condition. Predictions are impossible in these cases. We can not say. There are better moments, worse moments. For the moment, fortunately, the situation has stabilized, but there is no doubt that this is a precarious situation, which we have expressed very clearly.

Host: Health you say has stabilized. If you can be more precise, is His Majesty aware, is he communicating?

Andrew Popper: Depends from moment to moment. He also has moments when he is aware, he has moments when he is less conscious. It is a normal development for that situation.

Host: Many scenarios have been woven into public space in Romania. I do not know if you are aware of everything, including scenarios from his Majesty's state of health, and many people have wondered why a health certificate signed by his Majesty's doctors was issued.

Andrew Popper: The reason is very clear. And we would like Swiss doctors to publish a medical report and I asked them for it. Unfortunately, they can not do it and explain why. Because Swiss law does not give them the right to communicate like this, and at the same time they are convinced that ethically they can not communicate with a patient's health. They are required to respect the medical secret and patient privacy. This is the only reason why official medical communications have not been given.

Host: Going on this logic of scripts and interpretations, photos of  His Majesty have not been released for a long time. Why? That this would have faded away from this scriptwriting that comes rolling over us these days.

Andrew Popper: In my opinion, it's very normal not to take pictures of his Majesty. As I have already said and as I have said since we addressed the public last year. His Majesty's situation, his health situation is precarious, not a good state. He degraded physically. So, in my opinion, it would appeal to his Majesty's dignity that these photos and pictures are being published at this time. It would be a violation of his dignity, and I say to you very openly, we do not want either the Royal House or the Princess or Crown Custodian or his Majesty, we want our Majesty to be remembered by those pictures that are not pleasant. It is normal and not unique, again, our desire for His Majesty to be in the memory of the Romanian people as it was when it was healthy, and I do not see any sense that these photos with physical degradation exist. It's morbid.

 Host: Just, when did you last see his Majesty? When did you last interact?

Andrew Popper: Last time I met His Majesty in March, at Aubonne, I made a long visit, spent my Majesty almost the whole day. I arrived there in the morning and left after dinner in the evening and, I tell you, I left satisfied. Of course, this physical degradation that I speak to you, but at the same time the most encouraging thing: I found him quiet and happy, and in a happy way. It filled me with joy to see him live in peace.

 Host: What did you talk about?

 Andrew Popper: We talked about what we always talk about, and probably I'm a little selfish in these conversations, because I always try to extract memories from His Majesty and we always talk about his childhood, the very difficult time of the war. I always ask him about the act of August 23, how he acted and so on. We always talk about the relationship he had with the Russians when they came here to Bucharest.

Host: How do you relate to those moments?

 Andrew Popper: He remembers all these events very well, and I can say that the sense of humor has remained or, at least, in March, when I saw him, I was still present when he talked about these events.

Host: Because you are talking about peace of mind, looking at the latest releases that the Royal House has made public, it was stipulated there that it received the Holy Communion, so it was confessed, forgiven, it acquired that peace of mind that you you met her. But if he has gone through all these spiritual stages, why did not he forgive the former prince Nicholas?

Andrew Popper: I do not know if he has forgiven or forgiven him. That's what we can not know. At the same time I remember one of his Majesty's favorite expressions: 'We can forgive, but we can not forget.' So I do not know if he forgave Mr Medforth-Mills or not, but there are two completely separate things. It is not about forgiveness, it is about the fact that he has clearly expressed that he does not want to see him. That does not mean that he has forgiven or forgiven him.

 Host: Very clear, what does it mean?

 Andrew Popper: It would be great to remember the chronology of the events, because it is important and has been somewhat insufficiently represented in recent days. If we return to the events of August 2015, when the Majesty removed the Prince's title and removed him from the line of succession, the Majesty said very clearly what the reasons were, in that he required certain qualities.

Host: But it would have been said that the withdrawal procedure would not have been authentic.

Andrew Popper: Of course it was authentic.

 Host: And it would not depend on the will of His Majesty, but that the entourage made up of members of the Royal House would have led to these consequences.

Andrew Popper: Finally, there are two different things. First of all, that he made this decision and this decision is authentic and it was his decision. The authenticity of this act has been discussed and I turn again to this chronological aspect, because these things are very tied. His Majesty signed this act in the presence of members of the Royal Council.

 Host: Have you been there?

Andrew Popper: I was not there because, unfortunately, I was in New York for medical treatment. But other members participated and the decision was taken very firmly by her Majesty before the Royal Council.

Host: What was wrong with Mr. Medforth-Mills? What was wrong with that? Because, looking at the Royal House releases, there was room for interpretation and there, and he insisted ...

Andrew Popper: Let me read from His Majesty's Letter: 'Those who are at the helm of Romania must do so, under the sign of modesty, well balanced, with moral principles, respect, and always with the thought of others.' So her Majesty, clearly, determined that Mr. Medforth-Mills did not have these qualities and withdrew his title. He has been monitoring Mr Medforth-Mills for a few years, and he realized he did not have these qualities and decided to withdraw his title. As you know, this situation occurred in which Mr Medforth-Mills was accused of paternity of a child out of wedlock  and his Majesty realized that as long as these suspicions exist and are not clarified, it is not fit with the quality of a prince of Romania.

 Host: Had these issues been clarified and Mr. Medforth Mills would have recognized that child, he would still have been Prince Nicholas of Romania and in the line of succession to the throne.

 Andrew Popper: That can not tell you.

 Host: What does your intuition tell you?

 Andrew Popper: It is important not only that he did not solve this problem at the request of His Majesty. We are going back to the issues raised by you: the authenticity and evolution of events. First of all, it must be remembered that Mr. Medforth Mills accepted the decision of His Majesty in writing and there is a signed document.

Host: That's what I wanted to ask you. How was Mr. Medforth Mills informed?

Andrew Popper: It was communicated to him by several members of the Royal Council and his Crown Custodian.

 Host: In writing?

Andrew Popper: Written, of course. This document was signed by His Majesty. Mr Medforth Mills has accepted this decision in writing and there is a document, we can give it to you, in which he states that 'I take that decision', that 'I admit that my behavior was not at the height' and I appreciate this decision of His Majesty and I accept it. ' This is actually said in this document. So there was no question about the authenticity of this document. The document was accepted as genuine by Mr. Medforth Mills, and he has undertaken not only to recognize this decision, but also to meet other requirements of his Majesty.

 Host: How would it be?

Andrew Popper: His Majesty's main requirement, and he accepted it, was to leave Romania. His Majesty offered him material support to resume his activities outside of Romania.

 Host: Supporting material?

 Andrew Popper: In the sense of a monthly grant, something like this.

 Host: What's going on now?

 Andrew Popper: No. He accepted the decision of His Majesty and in the letter from which I quote, His Majesty says very clearly: 'You are no longer a member of the royal family, but you are a member of my family, and I continue to have a certain affection for you.' He made this very clear. And after this decision was accepted by Medforth Mills, including the fact of living elsewhere than in Romania, because here in Romania there was an ambiguous situation that had a negative effect on the general activities of the royal family, His Majesty welcomed Mr. Medforth Mills and had a very friendly conversation with Aubonne in September 2015.

 Host: A moment that Medforth Mills invokes in an interview he gave for a Romanian television. This remuneration that he received and agreed with Mr. Medforth Mills as long as he was offered?

Andrew Popper: After this meeting and after Mr. Medforth Mills accepted the decision of His Majesty, he decided not to respect His Majesty's requirements and returned to Romania and engaged in activities that were inappropriate from our point of view, such as semi-public activity, although asked not to do so, in an ambiguous situation. Things started probably in October - November 2015, and then His Majesty again contacted Mr. Medforth Mills and said, "You did not respect our requirements and withdraw your grant." So it's very clear.

 Host: Returning to this episode in September 2015, a few months after he was expelled from the line of succession, tells Mr. Medforth Mills in an interview that he talked to his Majesty for a few minutes, and then it would be asked His Majesty if this problem had been solved, suggesting that Mr. Medforth Mills would not necessarily have been an act of his own will to exclude his reign from the line of succession, but rather an act of will of those in the vicinity of His Majesty, and that thought-given and then even more so now.

 Andrew Popper: It does not seem to me to be logical what he says, but it is important to think a little about the personality of King Michael. King Michael, who opposed Antonescu with great courage, opposed the Russians with great courage, proved in his life a great will and extraordinary character, it is inconceivable that he can be manipulated in the way described by Mr. Medforth Mills. He probably does not know the circumstances quite well. His Majesty is a firm man, a man who has very well-established opinions and can not be manipulated by anyone.

Host: Is the incident of the past days, above all, his Majesty being or was he aware of what happened, the incident caused by his nephew?

 Andrew Popper: That can not tell you. I do not know whether he was conscious or not.

 Host: You do not know if he has reached the ears of His Majesty.

 Andrew Popper: I do not know.

Host: Let's go back to the incident. How did it happen exactly?

 Andrew Popper: We can talk very clearly. I was not present, so I can only say what I was told. First of all, what I was told was that before coming to His Majesty's apartment, Mr. Medforth Mills gave a phone call to the Crown Custodian and spoke on the phone and he asked for permission to visit His Majesty.  He was told  for various reasons, primarily because his Majesty explained very clearly that he did not want to see him and that it would be a violation of His Majesty's wishes to receive him, and secondly, in this context, he would be a potentially dangerous shock from a medical point of view. He was told that he could not come to see his Majesty. He accepted the phone and acted on the phone in a seemingly reasonable way.

Host: Mr. Medforth Mills has been officially notified of the aggravating situation of his Majesty's state of health, learned from alternative sources, the Romanian media?

Andrew Popper: I do not know exactly, but I think he found out ... It was not officially transmitted to him as much as I know. He learned from the Royal House.

 Host: Would it not have been just a member of the family, as his Majesty said, to be informed of his grandfather's fate?

Andrew Popper:  do not think every member has been notified individually. He gave a statement and was undoubtedly informed his mother. I think that's the normal way of communication.

Host: Is there a chance, be it minimal, at the end of His Majesty's life to receive Mr. Medforth Mills?

 Andrew Popper: I can only express my personal opinion. Based on the information I have at the moment, I think not. I do not see any reason why Mr. Medforth Mills should be allowed to visit his Majesty. Only in the exceptional case where the Majesty directly asks to see him, then he will be received. But if His Majesty does not directly express the desire to see him, he will not be given this permission.

 Host: Did you personally, as a close friend of the royal family, describe the situation of Mr. Medforth Mills?

Andrew Popper: Of course this is an unpleasant and unwelcome situation. I'm thinking first and foremost of the pain he has caused to his mother. When you see these things in a family of course they are unpleasant things. But at the same time, we must see things from the perspective of King Michael's dynasty and personality. It is important to realize that these things do not happen because of the lack of a moral standard of the royal family, on the contrary. These things happen because His Majesty has always imposed very, very high standards of behavior and very, very high requirements, as is normal. Of course it is unpleasant,

Host: What is the current status of Mr. Medforth Mills in terms of the Royal House? Is he a civilian, like all of us?

Andrew Popper: Exactly. He is a private citizen, but at the same time he is a member of the King's family, which does not mean he is a member of the royal family. The quality of a grandson....

 Host: It's a kind of paradox that tells you.

Andrew Popper: It's not a paradox. The fact that he is the grandson of King Michael is a natural event that no one can take. But he is not a member of the royal family. So from a dynamic point of view, he is a citizen like any other.

 Host: But how do you explain the actions?

 Andrew Popper: It's very hard and I do not want ....

Host: What do you guys really want?

Andrew Popper: I do not want to engage in this game and begin to read my thoughts.

 Host: I look at his actions, and what the lawyer tells him about the stakes of these week's events. There seems to be a difference between the property of the Royal House and the wealth of the members of the royal family, and that it is important who actually manages the property of the Royal House. What can we understand from here?

Andrew Popper: This gentleman's assertion is completely wrong.  There is no separation between the property of the Royal House and the royal family. The only fortune that exists is the personal property of His Majesty King Michael. There are no other properties he owns. These properties will be clearly inherited by the 5 daughters, based on the provisions of the Civic Code in Romania and based on King Michael's will.

 Host: So what a possible action in court of Mr. Medford -Mill's could produce?

Andrew Popper: Absolutely 0 from a patrimonial point of view. Mr. Medford - Mills before and after August 2015 had no patrimonial interests in King Michael's estate. After this title was removed, there were no changes in the will. It has never been included in the King's will.

Host: I mean, he did not lose anything patrimonial with exclusion from the line of succession.

Andrew Popper: Absolutely nothing.

Host: In a non-enjoyable but inevitable perspective, after the end of His Majesty's life, and the succession will follow the course, and the royal family will come to more peaceful times in relation to family members, Mr. Metford - Mills be included in the succession line for His Majesty's will in time?

 Andrew Popper: It is technically, legally possible. Because the decision at that time will be taken by who will be the head of the royal family at that time. In this case, very clear, Princess Margareta is the crown custodian. So from a technical point of view, it is possible. However, it is unlikely that this will happen.

Host: There is a legislative initiative in the Senate on the status of the Royal House and a remuneration that the Royal House would receive from the Romanian state every year, plus various other benefits. You are one of the players of this game that is running these days between the Romanian state and the royal house. What can you tell us from within? 24 million euros were spent annually, which the royal house could receive from the Romanian state. Are the numbers correct?

Andrew Popper: Undoubtedly, first of all the law does not provide any figures for the moment. Secondly, this figure of 25 million is fantasmagoric. This level will never be reached. What the law proposes are three important elements: First, it recognizes the role of the royal family as an institution in the Romanian state, secondly, by recognizing the royal family and the Royal House as an institution, it is clearly legal initiatives, to partner with various governmental or non-governmental institutions, and third, to establish the existence of an administrative staff of about 20 people to support these activities. As I understand the law, it will pay mainly for this administrative staff. The amount of 25 million, of course, is ridiculous. There will be the salaries and expenses of these staff. The head of the royal family and the head of the royal house will not receive money from the Government. The only thing the government will do will be to pay for this administrative staff and pay for some projects that the Royal House will propose and the government can approve or not. And then it will go ahead with these projects.

Host: These things have happened so far. did not prevent the Royal House no one ,. On the contrary, he encouraged the philanthropic actions, at least of the Royal House, so far. Was there a need for a law stating exactly the role of the royal house in Romania?

Andrew Popper: It is a positive element, because it recognizes the role of the Royal House, formalises it and creates a constitutional compromise that seems to me to be of great value.

 Host: A royal house in the middle of a republic ...

Andrew Popper: The fact that this constitutional compromise is somewhat unique does not mean it is not very good. And in my opinion, at international level, it will be very well received. Because it shows that Romania recognizes its history and the value of the Royal House even within a republican constitutional framework. And when we talk about comments. We are, I am the head of my Majesty's home, to be fair and the whole royal family. We have not renounced that we believe constitutional monarchy is a superior form of government and we do not cease to express the hope that one day Romania will return to the constitutional monarchy.

Host: Would this be a first step?

Andrew Popper: That's what we could not say. But sure it is a step in the right direction. But it is not our role as the royal family to demand a constitutional change. This must come from other circles and must be democratically decided by the Romanian people.

 Host: We missed historical moments after historical moments. It's a Romanian word: it's never too late. But it looks like this is too late. Even so, in the end, I would ask you what is of your own royal family, because you are a close man, the future of the royal house, what does he look like?

Andrew Popper: Again, we go back to this law, in the context of the law and beyond this law, the activities will continue on the line that continues today. And what is very important to say is that I believe that the vast majority of the public in Romania is convinced that crown custodians, Princess Margareta, will be a worthy successor of His Majesty. He has proven all the qualities necessary to be the Head of the Royal House and to continue these activities. These activities will continue on plans that are normal for the royal family, be it a reigning family, such as in England, or a family recognized by the state here. First, all activities related to charity operations, national operations that confirm the national unity and the symbol of national unity. At the same time, what is extraordinarily important and I believe it is, is the roles that the royal family plays in Romania's image abroad. And contacts with other royal families. So the image of Romania will continue to improve and will continue to benefit from the support and activities of the Royal Family.

The Hesse air tragedy November 16. 1937

November 16, 1937
all photos from Marlene A Eilers Koenig collection

Grand Duke Georg Donatus and Grand Duchess Cecilie of Hesse and by Rhine, their two young sons, Ludwig and Alexander, along with the Grand Duke's recently widowed mother, the Dowager Grand Duchess Eleonore, accompanied by several people, boarded a small plane bound for Ostend (to pick up other passengers) and then travel to London to attend the wedding of Georg Donatus' younger brother, Prince Ludwig, who was to marry the Hon. Margaret Geddes, on November 20.

The two little princes were to be pages at the wedding of Onkel Ludwig.

As the plane approached Ostend, the plane's wing hit a chimney.  The plane crashed, all aboard were killed.   The Grand Duchess was eight months pregnant.  The body of a stillborn child was found next to its mother.

Prince Ludwig and Miss Geddes were married privately the next day, and traveled to Ostend to bring the bodies back to Darmstadt.  There would be no honeymoon.  Left behind in Darmstadt was Princess Johanna Marina,  the youngest child of Georg Donatus and Cecilie,  just a year old.   She was adopted by her aunt and uncle.  On June 14, 1939, Princess Johanna Marina died of meningitis.

At some point during the day,  a student at Gordonstoun was called to the headmaster's office, where he was told of the tragedy.  Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was 16 years old when his sister and her family died.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Michael flies in London for royal wedding

November 15, 1947

King Michael of Romania arrived today in London, one of the first guest to arrive for Princess Elizabeth's wedding.  The Associated Press is reporting that the bachelor king, a "diplomatic and romantic puzzle in his own right," may be looking for his own bride.

The 26-year-old king is the only monarch "within the European nations neighboring Russia, flew from Romania in his own "two-engine plane" with his mother, Queen Helen, and his aunt, the Duchess of Aosta.

Even before his arrival, the British are wondering if Michael "has come for purposes other than attending the wedding."  Has the young king, playing the role of prince charming, come to woo, Princess Elizabeth's younger sister, the very pretty Princess Margaret Rose.

Members of the Diplomatic Corps are wondering whether "political reasons" prompted Michael to leave Romania for the first time since 1940, when he succeeded his father, Carol II.  Romania is now under the control by the Communists, and many are wondering of the king will choose exile, rather than return home.

This question was broached when he arrived in Munich, Germany.  He responded to reports that he was running away from Romania with the comment: "ridiculous and untrue."

Michael is keeping his counsel in London.  A "heavy guard" hustled the king from his plane and into a car to take him to his West End hotel in London.

In recent weeks in Romania, the Communists have tightened their grip on the country.  Ana Pauker, one of the Romania's leading communists, has been made Foreign Minister.  She is alleged to have photos of Lenin and Stalin in her office, but but not a photo of King Michael.

Duma's president asks Nicholas for better facilities for the press

Embed from Getty Images

November 15, 1907

Nicholas II met with President Khomyaoff in an audience today at Tsarkoe-Selo, reports the New York Times.  The meeting "advanced the relations between the Emperor and the President of the lower house to a considerable effort."

After the "exchange of formal greetings," the Emperor and Empress "expressed their satisfaction with the loyalty of the new Duma.  Nichokas "manifested a wish" to have the Duma President "report freely to the throne the progress made by the new House."

President Khomyaoff took advantage of the opportunity to ask for a larger press gallery, noting that the current size was "inadequate."

This suggestion brought out the "intimation" that Nicholas II approved the "enlarging of the facilities of the press."

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Ten million and counting ,

Why does this happen when I am sleeping?  During the wee hours this morning,  the ten millionth visitor came to Royal Musings.  It may have been Harper or Sienna or both?   Seriously, thank you to all my readers ...

Innocent or not?

I think I found the poster

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Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg joins the Kelley School of Business

Embed from Getty Images

Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, the former wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, has joined Indiana University's Kelley School of Business as the Poling Chair of Business and Government.  This position, according to the October 6, 2017, press release will "require facilitating discussion about leadership, business and government relations and ethics in the community."

"My life journey is somewhat unusual and filled with rich experiences, fascinating contrasts and deep transformations," said the Countess in a press release.

She will be making "periodic trips both to the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses during the 2016-2017 academic year.  The first trip was from October 23 to 27.   The countess succeeds former astronaut and engineer, Dr. Mae C. Jemison.

The school's business dean, Idalene Kessner, said that the school "strives to find those who go above and beyond."

A key aspect of the final selection is someone who brings that new perspective and diversity of background,” she said. “We want to find someone who will bring a unique perspective to our students.”

Countess Alexandra's ties to IU business and ethics professor Dr. Timothy L. Fort go back about eight years, when he was teaching at George Washington University.

"I taught her independent study versions of doctoral courses on ethics that I would normally teach,” he said. “We would discuss the lessons one-on-one, mostly through Skype, and she would write papers for me.”

Dr. Fort and the countess are the co-authors of The Sincerity Edge, a compilation of interviews from 20 board members of major corporations, as well as additional research and analysis from Fort and Alexandra, about how to use ethics in the business world as more than just a means to an end.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nicholas Medforth-Mills' response

Nicholas Medforth-Mills has issued a response to the statement released earlier today from his mother.

"I am very sorry that these press releases of the Royal House are deeply damaging, especially in these difficult moments, the image of what should be the Royal House of Romania: its history, the moral values ​​and the dignity that my grandfather and his forefathers have always tried to live by and keep.

I, Nicholas, just wanted to see my grandfather and say goodbye, in a calm, respectful way, as he is a Christian. I have not been allowed to do so, neither now nor in other times when I wanted to see him. Even during exile, we, grandfather and grandson, were not separated, and we both appreciated this blood link. Knowing him so well, I do not think he is the one who decided not to see me. On the contrary, I know he would have longed for it.

I am disappointed and profoundly saddened by the actions of the members of the Royal House and my mother, of the ease and lack of respect with which they effectively release to the press such aggressive, defamatory and unjustified communiqués, especially now that it would be noble to show respect and pass over who knows what personal ambitions.

For me, my grandfather remains the depository of moral values ​​that I choose to respect and acquire. Out of respect for him and my forebears, for the history they have written, I will not be discredited by these unfortunate and meaningless games. I remind everyone that the love and respect of a people is earned, it is not gained by force.”

Statement from Princess Helen of Romania

Elisabeta Palace, November 9, 2017

The Press Office of His Majesty King Michael I of Romania
has been authorised to release the following statement
of HRH The Princess Helena of Romania, mother of Mr Nicholas Medforth-Mills:

I am deeply saddened and worried about the actions of my son, Nicholas. Through his behaviour, in the last days, Nicholas breached the intimacy, suffering, and dignity of my father, King Michael.

I have told Nicholas, in the past, about the fact that the King does not wish to see him because of his lack of moral principles. Even the King himself, receiving the news of my son's marriage, told Nicholas in a private letter on August 4, 2017, that he is deeply saddened that Nicholas had done nothing to clarify the paternity of his alleged child, a girl of nearly two years old. This shows an unacceptable lack of responsibility.

During my most recent visit to Aubonne last August, my father personally confirmed his decision not to receive Nicholas, something my son knows. King Michael has clarified several times, verbally and in in writing, that the reason for his decision to withdraw the title from Nicholas is that my son does not have the necessary qualities to assume a position in the Royal House of Romania.

Nicholas’ actions of the last two days are profoundly wrong morally and grave mistakes. My son has shown contempt for Romania, her people and the principles of the Royal House. As a mother, this behaviour is devastating.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Leopold may wed Maria of Italy

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November 8, 1937

Rumors are rife in London, especially in the fashionable circles, that Princess Maria of Italy, youngest daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena, "is connected to the coming visit" to London of King Leopold III, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Their engagement is expected to be announced at a later date.

At a recent luncheon party hosted by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, only two ambassadors were invited.  The Belgian and the Italian ambassadors.

The 22-year-old Princess Maria has been in London for some weeks now, as the guest of the Italian ambassador, Count Dino Grandi and his wife.

King Leopold III's visit to London will be the "most lavish ceremonial and entertaining" since the death of King George V in January 1936.

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There have been frequent reports of a possible engagement between Princess Maria and Archduke Otto of Austria, but Otto has only "the prospect of a throne."  Leopold, 36, has a "steady job."

Leopold's wife, Astrid was killed in a car accident in Switzerland in 1935.  Princess Astrid of Sweden married then Crown Prince Leopold in 1926.  They had three children: Princess Josephine Charlotte , 10 Crown Prince Baudouin, 7, and three-year-old Prince Albert.

The King's sister, Marie José, is married to Crown Prince Umberto of Italy, the older brother of Princess Maria.

Is Princess Marie José betrothed

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November 8, 1927

The Associated Press is reporting from Naples that 21-year-old Princess Marie José of Belgium's engagement to Crown Prince Umberto of Italy is "imminent," but Italian court officials are saying that they do not take the report seriously.

They are also unwilling to comment on the frequent reports of a possible engagement between the Crown Prince, the only son of King Vittorio Emanuele and Queen Elena, and Princess Marie José, the only daughter of King Albert and Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians.

Princess Marie José was in Naples to attend the marriage of Princess Anne of France to her first cousin, the Duke of Apulia, the elder son of the Duke and Duchess of Aosta,